Web Browser Proxy Settings For Off Campus Access

You can access the electronic resources at İTÜ Library through your İTÜ Library account when you are out of the campus like accessing inside the campus, by setting this configuration only once on your computer. (E.g.: Accessing directly via this address http://www.sciencedirect.com for Science Direct resource.) 

To be able to use the proxy server, first download Proxy Switcher program from this link. After that extract the file (file name is LibraryProxySwitcher.exe) inside the zipped file. Then run the extracted file that has .exe extension and complete setup easily. After all you can start accessing electronic resources with normal access links. 

When you try to access a web site, your browser will ask for username and password; type your university id number as username; type your password of İTÜ Library account as password.

Proxy Switcher
application runs only on Windows operating systems. When you run the application, you can see the Proxy Switcher icon near the date and time display. Then you can start using the proxy server. To disable proxy setting, right click on the application icon and click on Disable İTÜ Library Proxy property.


As you can see in the figure above, to stop the Proxy Switcher, click Close property in the right click menu. Then you can start it anytime from start menu.

Settings for MacOS

Follow the steps below to setting the proxy server in a MacOS system:
1) Click on 'Network' from system preferences.
2) Select your network connection that you actively used, e.g. Ethernet or Wi-fi.
3) Click on 'Advanced' then 'Proxy'.
4) Check 'Automatic Proxy Configuration' then enter the proxy pac file URL: 
 Ensure that the URL you entered starts with 'http' and not have leading or trailing spaces.